Thursday, June 28, 2018

Portrait Painting of Mahanati Savithri

It is always an exciting experience to paint famous actors of yester years. They hold a lot of memories of their movies and the characters they have played. The lovely time they gave us in the cinemas are fondly remembered. Savithri - the famous South Indina actor is one who has played so many wonderful roles in Telugu and Tamil Cinema and captured our hearts with her brilliant performances.

This is a portrait of Mahanati (Great Actress) Savithri which I did, remembering her expressive eyes and charming demeanor.


                                                         Mahanati Savithri
                                          Portrait of Savithri - South Indina Actor
                                                     Acrylic painting on canvas
                                                          Size - 13x13 inches

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Portrait Painting is an expression of Love

I love to paint my family members and see their expression of delight when I present it to them. It spreads more love in the family and keeps us together. Loving your family and expressing it in the form of a portrait painting is a happy and gratifying experience.Here is one I did of my father.

Portrait of my Father
size : 24x30 inches
Oil painting on canvas

Monday, March 14, 2011

Portrait painting of Prakruthi young girl - at the Life Drawing Club

Portrait of Prakruthi
10"x8" inch
acrylic on canvas

I painted this bust of beautiful Prakruthi in acrylics in the evening, just as the sun was setting and casting a golden glow on her left cheek.

Drawing from life has always been my passion, and when my good friend and artist Prabha Narayan invited me to the first session of  the Life Drawing Club, I was very excited. 

On 12th March 2011, we sat to paint in host Akhila's terrace along with other artists. 

Pencil Portrait of Prakruthi

Later in the evening we retired indoors to do another painting, but due to lack of enough time, I contended myself to a pencil drawing of Prakruthi in a squatting position. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Portrait Painting - Seated

I chose a rather rare angle view for painting this portrait.  This was an added challenge to that of the usual  'capturing resemblence and expressions'  that is part and parcel of portrait paintings.  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bumble Bee - Birthday greeting portrait

This is a Happy Birthday painting I did in acrylics on a 12"x16" canvas.

I incorporated the portrait of the birthday girl in this 'big card'. She is dressed in her ' Bumble Bee' dress with wings et al.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Portrait painting of an Indian Bride

Every artist wishes to capture the expression of a lady smiling, just like Leonardo Da Vinci did in his world famous painting 'The Mona Lisa'.

I hope to have captured the unique smile of the Indian bride in this portrait - my own humble contribution to the world of art.

Friday, July 31, 2009


'Coy' is an acrylic painting on canvas, of a young South Indian bride. She is clad in a Kanchi Saree and wearing strands of jasmine flowers in her hair, and is sitting coyly; probably waiting for her bridegroom.

This painting is of size 20"x16".

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Real life sitting - portrait painting

This portrait was done by real life sitting.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painting of the Stylish College Girl

I noticed this typical stance the college girls and the young working women take. The folded arms; standing,resting on one leg ; and a coy smile are a part of their body language. The faded jeans and noodle strap tops and the inevitable bag over the shoulders are also a typical sight nowadays.

As I love to paint from life - the beautiful world and the beautiful people around me - this painting is a result of this.

This is an acrylic painting on canvas of size 16"x20".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Golden Years 1

Golden Years 2

This lady in her Golden years appears relaxed after all her worldly duties done, and seated enjoying her hot coffee in a stainless steel tumbler.

Cap on Cap off

The innocent enthusiasm of this young boy to pose for photos showing off his shaved head prompted me to do these portraits.

The Indian tendor-coconut vendor

The Indian tendor-coconut vendor is a blessing to us, especially in the hot noon of the day. I have always admired the body language of the tendor-coconut vendors, who shave the coconuts with such confidence and style. This painting is a tribute to them.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Self portrait of usha shantharam

Self portrait - usha shantharam

Painting one's own self involves many challenges to an artist. It is easier to paint others in the sense that you can ask a model to pose, and all the 'statue' work is done by the model. But how do you paint yourself?

I chose to stand in front of the mirror, with the easel in front of me, a little to the right. This made it convenient for me to glance left into the mirror and then back to my canvas everytime. Another challenge was to get the right lighting! I could paint only at a certain time of the day when the sunlight came through the window and fell on my face at a certain angle. It took me several months to finish this oil painting.

This is an oil painting of size 14"x9".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Portrait of my Mother

This painting is done in rememberence of my mother. Painting one's own family involves a lot of feelings. I just wanted to capture the the radiance and love she always spread in a room with her million dollar smile.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Portrait of Shantharam

'Shantharam' is an oil painting of size 12"x8.5".

My husband willingly agreed to pose for a portrait I wanted to do of him on the condition that he will not pose unnaturally for it. So I took a few photos of him from various angles, even as he was watching his favourite Hindi serials on the TV, and did this painting. He conceded that it looked like him!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Raja Ravi Varma's painting recreated

Recreating 'Maters' paintings' is a tribute to the 'Master' himself. All artists during their days of evolution have always tried to redo 'Paintings of Masters'. In a way an artist does not feel complete until he/she has done it at least once during lifetime. It gives a great sense of satisfaction, and also we tend to learn a lot about the 'Mater painter' and his style of painting too.

'The Lady' is an oil painting I did during my aspiring days, inspired by one of the Great Master - Raja Ravi Varma's amazing creations,. It is done on canvas board of size 36"x30", and is suitably framed. This is a tribute to the great artist 'Raja Ravi Varma'. This painting I did only with a xerox of his painting as a reference. Since it was not clear, I decided to do my own version of his original, and tried to bring out the 'spirit' of his painting.

Painting of 'Mother Mary' Donated to Karunashraya in remembrance of my mother.

My mother was an artist on her own terms. She used to draw portraits with chalk- piece on the red-oxide floor those days, and the images are still freshly etched in my mind. I remember admiring my mother's drawings and trying to draw just like her. My mother is truely my inspiration for being an artist today.

I have preserved my mother's drawings (pencil and paper) , and take it out now and then, still admire them, thinking of the good old days. They remind me of my roots, and help me not to get carried away with the changes in life.

I hope that my portraits come at least a littke close to the life in my mother's drawings. In rememberence of my mother, I donated this painting called 'The Mother' to 'Karunashraya' at Bangalore, a non profit rotary organisation that takes care of cancer patients in their last days, there by helping them to face their end with dignity. The sisters of Karunashraya accepted my humble donation in rememberence of my mother.


Portraiture is not new to me. I started drawing portraits from school and college days, when I used to draw my teachers/lecturers, even as they were busy teaching/talking. My drawings used to make rounds in the classroom, causing commotion among my friends. Oh! Those were the days!!!!!