Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Raja Ravi Varma's painting recreated

Recreating 'Maters' paintings' is a tribute to the 'Master' himself. All artists during their days of evolution have always tried to redo 'Paintings of Masters'. In a way an artist does not feel complete until he/she has done it at least once during lifetime. It gives a great sense of satisfaction, and also we tend to learn a lot about the 'Mater painter' and his style of painting too.

'The Lady' is an oil painting I did during my aspiring days, inspired by one of the Great Master - Raja Ravi Varma's amazing creations,. It is done on canvas board of size 36"x30", and is suitably framed. This is a tribute to the great artist 'Raja Ravi Varma'. This painting I did only with a xerox of his painting as a reference. Since it was not clear, I decided to do my own version of his original, and tried to bring out the 'spirit' of his painting.

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