Thursday, June 19, 2008

Portrait of my Mother

This painting is done in rememberence of my mother. Painting one's own family involves a lot of feelings. I just wanted to capture the the radiance and love she always spread in a room with her million dollar smile.


Shilpa said...

Hi Mom!
I think this painting is beautiful and perfect! It captures grandma's vibrant smile and her charm so very well. It pays homage to her life and her beauty.
I only wish i could see the painting in person. I long to see it the next time i visit you.

swati meshram said...

Your paintings are beautiful. All of them!!! But to draw a portrait of one's own mom is a challenge, and you have finished it wonderfully. It might as well have been a photograph. Very inspiring!

usetty said...

Thank you Swati. I really appreciate comment.