Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Painting of 'Mother Mary' Donated to Karunashraya in remembrance of my mother.

My mother was an artist on her own terms. She used to draw portraits with chalk- piece on the red-oxide floor those days, and the images are still freshly etched in my mind. I remember admiring my mother's drawings and trying to draw just like her. My mother is truely my inspiration for being an artist today.

I have preserved my mother's drawings (pencil and paper) , and take it out now and then, still admire them, thinking of the good old days. They remind me of my roots, and help me not to get carried away with the changes in life.

I hope that my portraits come at least a littke close to the life in my mother's drawings. In rememberence of my mother, I donated this painting called 'The Mother' to 'Karunashraya' at Bangalore, a non profit rotary organisation that takes care of cancer patients in their last days, there by helping them to face their end with dignity. The sisters of Karunashraya accepted my humble donation in rememberence of my mother.

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